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50% off 
3pm – 7pm Mon – Thur
11am – 7pm Friday
11am – 7pm Sat & Sun

Sautéed Crab Cake 
Five ounce cake sautéed & served with sweet corn remoulade

¼ Rack BBQ Ribs 
Tender ribs with our house made BBQ sauce

Bangkok Shrimp 
½ pound piled high in our own firecracker sauce

Steak Tacos 
Two soft flour tortilla steak tacos served with white rice, black beans, Pico de Gallo & cilantro sour cream

Caribbean Jerk Shrimp Tacos 
Two soft flour tortillas stuffed with Island seasoned shrimp, served with white rice, mango salsa, & coconut curry sauce 

Blackened Chicken Tacos 
Two soft flour tortilla tacos stuffed with blackened chicken & served with white rice, black beans, Pico de Gallo, & sour cream

Rockfish Tacos 
Two blackened filets of rockfish over top a tartar slaw on flour tortillas

Lobster ‘Mac’ & Cheese 
Dish of tender lobster meat, cheeses, pasta, rich & creamy bisque, & bread crumbs broiled together

Fried Oysters 
Eight plump oysters with sweet corn remoulade & cocktail sauce

Coconut Crunchy Shrimp 
Four large shrimp with spicy mustard & sweet chili sauce

Sautéed Mussels 
Pound & a half of fresh mussels sautéed in white wine garlic butter

Fried Calamari 
Fried and drizzled with sweet chili glaze and roasted sweet peppers

Crab Dip 
Lump crab in a three cheese blend with toasted baguette
(extra bread $0.75)

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Skewers
Three chicken skewers spiced island style & served with a coconut curry sauce

Caribbean Jerk Steak Skewers
Three steak skewers spiced island style & served with a coconut curry sauce

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms 
Six silver dollar caps stuffed with lump crab & smothered with parmesan cheese

Steamed Shrimp “Baltimore Style” 
½ pound of large shrimp steamed with Old Bay & onions

Crab Pizza
White pizza topped with lump crabmeat
($7.95 without crab)

Dozen for $10; Two Dozen for $18; Three Dozen for $23
Flavors by the dozen only

Hot – Our very hot buffalo sauce

Medium – Our kinda hot buffalo sauce

Mild – Our kinda hot buffalo sauce mixed with butter

Wet Jerk –Caribbean sauced

Dry Jerk – Zesty Jamaican jerk rub with coconut curry dipping sauce

Honey Jerk – Honey blended wet jerk sauce with a little kick

Teriyaki – Sweet Asian glaze

Honey BBQ – Glazed with the best sweet & tangy BBQ sauce around!

Hot Barbeque– Honey BBQ & hot Buffalo sauce combined for an amazing taste!

Chesapeake– Our Old Bay seasoned wings with ranch dressing


Drunken Blue Crab 
Traditional Maryland vegetable crab soup finished with a splash of whiskey
$4.95 (cup) 
$6.95 (bowl)

Cream Of Crab 
Laced with sherry & topped with lump crabmeat
$7.95 (bowl)

New England Clam Chowder 
Cream based favorite with potatoes & clam meat
$3.95 (cup) 
$5.95 (bowl)

French Onion 
Rich beef base with sweet onion, French bread, & smothered with melted cheese
$6.95 (crock)

Grilled Shrimp $12
Grilled Salmon $10 
Grilled Chicken $8

House Salad
Baby field greens topped with sweet onion, carrots & beets tossed with Asian ginger and mango dressing
Small House $3.95

Gorgonzola & Pear Salad 
Baby field greens with pears, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, grapes, and gorgonzola cheese with a raspberry vinaigrette

Caesar Salad 
Romaine leaves, Caesar dressing, garlic croutons & shaved Parmesan
Small Caesar $3.95

Spinach Salad 
Fresh baby spinach tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, topped with fried leeks, toasted pine nuts, goat cheese and strawberries

The Wedge 
A wedge of iceberg lettuce, tomato & Vidalia onion topped with chunky Gorgonzola blue cheese dressing

All served with choice of fries or vegetables

Smokehouse Burger 
Topped with smoked mozzarella, bacon, & onion rings on ciabatta

Mushroom & Swiss Burger 
Topped with bacon, mushroom, onion, & Swiss cheese on ciabatta

Traditional Sliders 
Three Angus beef burgers on mini potato rolls with Tabasco fried onion strings and traditional fixings

Crab Cake Sliders 
Three baked crab cake sliders with sweet corn remoulade on mini potato rolls

Blackened Chicken Sub 
With caramelized onions, melted Gruyere cheese & a creamy aioli sauce on a sub roll

All steaks served with choice of two (2) sides:
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Loaded baked potato
Steamed asparagus
Broccoli & cheese
Sautéed mushrooms
Onion rings
Sautéed spinach
Fried apples
French fries

Add Five Fried Shrimp…$12
Add Five Ounce Lump Crab cake…$15
Add Shrimp &Scallops…$14
Add Grilled Atlantic Salmon…$10

Filet Mignon
Eight Ounce Center Cut

Prime Rib
One Pound slow roasted & seasoned

Cowboy Steak
Thick Cut Prime Rib blackened & seared w/ Tabasco Onions & blue cheese dressing

Peppercorn Flat Iron Steak
Half pound tender steak grilled with our demi-glaze

One Pound best of both strip & tenderloin separated by a center bone

Teriyaki ‘Baseball’ Sirloin
Thick & round, marinated in teriyaki; served with grilled pineapple; 10 ounces


Sweet Cajun Sea Bass 
Filet dusted in a blend of Cajun seasoning & sugar served with coconut white rice & steamed vegetables

Cajun Catfish 
Fried Catfish placed over hot mashed potatoes surrounded by a cool Louisiana style Gazpacho

Lobster & Trout 
Breaded Rainbow Trout topped with lobster meat & lemon beurre blanc. Served with rice pilaf & steamed vegetables

Maple Glazed Salmon 
Baked with a sweet candy coated glaze served with steamed vegetables & rice pilaf

Rockfish Chesapeake 
Rockfish fillet smothered with creamy crab dip. Served with rice pilaf & steamed vegetables

Blackened Tilapia & Shrimp 
Sweet Cajun seared Tilapia & four blackened shrimp drizzled with a lemon beurre blanc all served over a lobster orzo risotto


Twin Crab Cakes 
Two five ounce crab cakes served with herbed rice pilaf & steamed vegetables

Single Crab Cake 
Five ounce lump crab cake with rice pilaf & steamed vegetables

Snow Crab Legs 
1 ½ pounds of snow crab legs served with melted butter, fries & slaw

Broiled Seafood Plate 
Five ounce tilapia filet, crab cake, & three scallops broiled to perfection served with slaw & a baked potato

Fried Seafood Plate 
Four shrimp, four oysters, & three scallops breaded & fried served with slaw & baked potato

Smothered Shrimp 
Eight large shrimp smothered with a rich crab imperial served with herbed rice pilaf & steamed vegetables


Fish & Chips
Three beer battered cod filets served with fries accompanied by malt vinegar, ketchup, and sweet corn remoulade

Fish Fry with Trout 
Breaded fried trout filets served with hush puppies
& slaw 

Shrimp Grits
Sweet seasoned grits with sautéed shrimp

Braised Short Rib 
½ pound of short rib roast braised in a demi-glace served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes & steamed asparagus

Full Rack BBQ Ribs 
Large rack of tender ribs slow cooked and smothered with our house made bbq sauce served with fries & slaw

Half Rack BBQ Ribs 
Same great ribs just more room for dessert, served with fries & slaw

Half Rack & Shrimp 
Combine our half rack of ribs with five of our fried shrimp, baked potato, & slaw

Half Rack & Crab Cake 
Combine our half rack of ribs with our five ounce crab cake, baked potato, & slaw

Chicken Jambalaya 
Cajun chicken & Andouille sausage served over dirty rice

Shrimp Jambalaya 
Five blackened shrimp & Andouille Sausage served over dirty rice

Chesapeake Chicken 
Smothered with creamy crab dip. Accompanied by roasted garlic mashed potatoes & steamed vegetables

Fried Shrimp 
Eight large shrimp breaded & fried served with a baked potato & steamed vegetables

Blackened Chicken & Shrimp Alfredo
Six ounce chicken breast & four large shrimp with linguini in a rich parmesan & cream sauce

Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp 
½ pound of shrimp tossed in our Caribbean black pepper sauce, served with sticky rice, black beans, mango salsa, & sugar fried plantains

50% off 
3pm – 7pm Mon – Thur
11am – 7pm Friday

Raw Oysters 
Fresh local oyster
1/2 Dozen $9.95 
Dozen $15.95

Oysters Rockefeller 
Baked with a rich topping
1/2 Doz $12.95 
Doz $18.95

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